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Don't You Have a Back Injury?

This week Zach Randolph was arrested for possession of 2 pounds of marijuana with an intent to sell. For those not familiar with Randolph, he's an NBA Player who just signed a 2 year, $24 million contract with the Sacramento Kings. Now some would argue that it's not fair for Randolph to be arrested for something that's legal in certain other states, and we could debate that, but not today. It refers back to an underlying theme that seems to be re-occuring at the Beacon of Speech website. Zach Randolph obviously doesn't love basketball. He loves to "party" and he loves the lifestyle which basketball provides.

Editor's Note: Personally, I don't believe the narrative that Randolph is some scumbag drug dealer. Jim Rome always said "you never really know these guys (athletes)," but I think Randolph just wanted to bring the gifts to the party.

As scorn rains down on Randolph, he no longer controls the narrative as he faces felony level drug charges. The story is now in the public domain.

There's another athlete that's been able to mostly control the narrative. Well, at least until this week. Mr. Tiger Woods has a new movie coming out. Wait, he doesn't want you to see it? When you go to IMDb, there's a feel good movie that won 3 Daytime Emmys called The Tiger Woods Story. A profile of the golfer examines his private life and struggles with racism and cultural identity. Oh, that movie is okay. Watch that. Don't watch Celebrity Damage Control: Tiger Woods on REELZ.

On Wednesday, Woods entered a drug diversity program in relation to his DUI back in May. But instead of talking about that, he has no comment about that, he found time to tweet about a story in the Daily Mail.

What was so damning about the Daily Mail article? It seems that it messes with the timeline of which gals Tiger was hooking up with. Tiger responding to the Daily Mail article shows that he's still worried about only one thing: plowing skanks.

I read the article before I saw the tweet and didn't think anything of it. Whether it was yesterday, 2016, or the end of 2015, it doesn't matter, the only question I had was:

"don't you have a back injury?"

Click on Photo for Story Link

The local news used to run stories like this all the time. Local degenerate on disability for a "bad back" moonlighting at other jobs. I'm like the blogging version of Carl Monday.

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