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Ummm, Not Stunning

All you have to do is follow CNN's coverage of Doug Jones' victory to know how far to the left they lean. CNN is celebrating Jones' victory like he had just landed on the moon. Doug Jones beat a morally reprehensible human being, and probable pedophile, by less than 1%.

And, what pisses me off even more is, if you look deep, deep into the election coverage, independent candidates and write-ins accounted for 1.5% of the votes. When CNN's candidate of choice wins, it is the will of the people. When their candidate loses, it's those damn independent voters that cost them their election.

Again, congratulations to Doug Jones. What I have a problem with is the coverage, not the candidate. What happened in Alabama was not a mandate against Trump, but a victory for common sense.

This race was yet another perfect example of an election where both the democrats and republicans chirped that the race was too important for third-party options, furthering their flawed stranglehold on the election process.

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