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Vuoso Thinks he's Playing Rec League

Last night I was watching some MASL action on the live stream. The game was the RGV Barracudas vs the Monterrey Flash. I wasn't familiar with any of the players on either team, but after a few minutes of viewing, the disparity of talent was crystal clear.

And it wasn't just me who saw it. Fans on the live chat saw it. The all-white Flash were clearly the superior team and could have been up 15-1 instead of the 8-1 they actually were at the beginning of the fourth quarter. Two players' efforts really gnawed at me as the all-blue Barracudas were circling the drain in defeat.

  1. Why did the guy who scored the only goal for the Barracudas prance around like he had scored in the World Cup?

  2. Who's the Dad in the red-orange shoes? I saw a lot of jogging from #30. Followed him around and took down his name. Who in the hell is Vuoso? If he's a friend of the coach, the coach needs to be fired. Vuoso stuck out like a sore thumb on the overmatched Barracudas for his lack of, let's say fitness, and for his lack of effort.

Now I'd be remiss to point out that RGV Barracudas did make a bit of a run after the Flash had mailed the victory in, eventually closing to a semi-respectable 8-4 loss. But as soon as that horn sounded, I had to find out: Who is Vuoso?

So I googled Vuoso.

Well that obviously isn't the same guy. Or is it? Maybe in Mexico the surname of Vuoso is as common as Smith is in the United States.

Let's google Vuoso and MASL. This article came up: Mexican futbol star Vuoso joins Barracudas.

For those too lazy to read the article, it says that Vuoso briefly played for Manchester City 15 years ago and "in his club career, Vuoso made 504 appearances for nine different clubs and scored 161 goals. As a member of the Mexican national he made 15 appearances and scored eight goals."

It can't be the same guy. It just can't.

Just to be sure, I returned to the MASL site to check out the stats. Vicente Matias Vuoso. 1 game, 2 shots, 2 penalty minutes. Yeah, that's about what I saw. The 2-8 Barracudas have pinned their hopes on a guy who had scored a goal for the Mexican National Team just 2 years earlier in the Copa America Tournament. On paper, that sounded like a good idea. In reality....

Gasping for air with a minute to go...

(Just like I used to do)


For the record, I'm STILL not convinced it's the same guy. What happened to the brightly inked tattoos? Maybe it's Vicente's evil step-brother trying to cash in on...MASL money???

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