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Did the Olympics Start?

Went on over to the "worldwide leader" of sports at 5 am this morning looking for an Olympics Preview.

Doesn't look like the Olympics started. The Cavs did make a LOT of trades yesterday, yes that was true. Clippers v Pistons tonight, yes that's an intriguing matchup. Don't see any Olympics. At all. NCAA Men's basketball scores? News on Richard Sherman's contract negotiation? There we go, under Quick Links Pyeongchang 2018 Link. No Olympic news under headlines though. Maybe the average sports fan is done with the Olympics.

Let's check the link:

Must-see moments and must-know athletes. Wow, real Olympic coverage. Nice job doing the bare minimum covering the games in Korea. Let's check Top Headlines.

In the wake of the Larry Nassar sexual abuse scandal, the United States Olympic Committee's traditional pre-Olympic news conference Friday was anything but traditional, with chairman Larry Probst and others parrying questions about the group's culpability while at the same time defending embattled CEO Scott Blackmun....-ESPN

A story about the SUMMER Olympics? I agree that the Nassar story is a big story with the USOC in CYA mode. But I still don't see any Olympic RESULTS.

Maybe they're not playing yet.

Oops, here we go. Finally.

AP? Didn't the ESPN reporters show up yet?

Let's check the next story based on results.

Still no actual results from an ESPN reporter. Maybe they're waiting for the big ticket items, like Hockey. Next story, bad behavior by the Russians.

Let's go over to NBC, the rights-holder....

Oh look, the Olympics are on today.

So I googled Olympic Results and the first entry that came up was:

According to Google, ESPN IS the worldwide leader. Let's check those results that I apparently missed.

With the help of a search engine, I found the results I was looking for. From Wednesday.

Maybe ESPN just prefers to cover sports with whom they have contracts with-

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