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Every Snowflake Participates Now (Part III)

On September 13, 2107, Donald Trump asked ESPN to fire reporter Jemele Hill. They said no.

In December of 2017, this quote leaked out from the ESPN offices “ESPN is a journalistic organization — not a political organization. We should do nothing to undermine that position,” said Kevin Merida, ESPN senior vice president.

At the same exact time, Jemele Hill wrote this: "Basically, MLK and Malcolm X eventually figured out that they were more alike than they were different. And as this rift develops among the NFL players who have fought to push the league into investing in social justice causes, it seems apparent that the players who are at odds don’t fully realize that everyone can be right — and things can still be accomplished." - December 4, The Undefeated, ESPN Subsidiary

She quoted Malcolm X while her boss claimed the ESPN wasn't a political organization. Why am I rehashing things from last fall. Because Jemele Hill still works at ESPN and she still moves an agenda. Am I saying that her agenda is right or wrong? No. What I'm saying is....

Why should I say anything? Since Trump asked for her termination, here are Hill's articles. She can speak for herself.

And it's that last article that's caught my eye.

"The NBA must come down hard on Cuban, even though he hasn’t been directly implicated in anything."-Hill

Now she's taking a run at potential candidate Mark Cuban. She proposes a year and a half ban from the NBA for Cuban, basically wanting him banned from the NBA until, around, October of 2019. If Cuban runs for president, he will have to announce in the Summer/Fall of 2019 in time to gear up for the primaries in February of 2020. Whether she realizes it or not, her column is affecting the 2020 elections. How's it going to look for Cuban to be suspended from the league while deciding whether to run or not? And suspending him without committing a crime? Now maybe it will come out that Cuban is guilty of something, but....

...if Hill was working for CNN, her bias would fit in quite nicely. Or she could go on over to FoxNews and she could be their token liberal. Either way, that's fine. Or she could leave ESPN and write some fine independent pieces with Johnetta Elzie. Maybe win a Freedom Award. My problem, specifically with Hill, is she works for ESPN and ESPN claims they are not political. Her latest article is already muddying the waters in the 2020 primaries.


Editor's Note: Updated 8 hours later.

On the morning of February 25, I went to ESPN to check out the last scores of the Olympics. According to ESPN, what type of Olympics were they?

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