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2018 Mock Draft (Results)

So I was doing horrible at predicting the 2018 Draft, I didn't get a pick right until #6, Offensive Lineman Quenton Nelson going to the Indianapolis Colts. Then I decided to check my mock against some other experts.

Wow. Apparently predicting the draft is hard. Only going by the first 5 picks.

Chris Trapasso - CBS Sports 0/5

R.J. White - CBS Sports 0/5

Jared Dubin - CBS Sports 0/5

Ryan Wilson - CBS Sports 0/5

Pete Prisco - CBS Sports 1/5 (Chubb at #5)

Will Brinson - CBS Sports 1/5 (Barkley at #2)

Michael Middlehurst-Schwartz - USA Today 1/5 (Barkley at #2)

Matt Miller - Bleacher Report 1/5 (Barkley at #2)

Mel Kiper - ESPN 3/5 (Mayfield at #1, Barkley at #2, Darnold at #3)

Mike Mayock - 1/5 (Barkley at #2)

Daniel Jeremiah - 3/5 (Same as Kiper)

Bucky Brooks - 0/5

Charley Casserly - 0/5

and, of course, Todd McShay at ESPN 1/5.

Fred's correct picks up to pick #20 in the First Round? 1/20

McShay's? 3/20 (Barkley at #2, Nelson at #6, and Rosen at #10)

My errors stemmed from buying the narrative that the first 4 teams had to get quarterbacks.

We'll see if the Broncos and Giants made critical errors by not choosing a quarterback.


Kudos to Mary Kay Cabot at who correctly predicted the 1st pick in the NFL draft


There were a lot of people comparing Baker Mayfield to Johnny Manziel before the draft.

Manziel stats

Mayfield stats

Some stats similar, some not. Both played in the Big 12, both were undersized. But other people screeched that the comparison was unfair. Mayfield's game was more like Russell Wilson's game. Let's take a look at that:

Wilson stats

All I know is, is that Brown's GM John Dorsey had the #1 and the #4 picks and chose 2 guys outside of the Top 10, not in mock drafts, but on Big Boards. If he's wrong, he'll be another 2 year Browns General Manager.


Congratulations to national media members making a living covering the NFL doing marginally better than me.

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