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Premier League (2018) Results

We at Beacon of Speech arrogantly believed we could predict the 2018 Premier League Season. Let's see how we did:

Final Standings 2017-2018

1. Manchester City (-)

2. Manchester United (+2)

3. Tottenham (-1)

4. Liverpool (+2)

Chelsea (-)

Arsenal (+2)

Burnley (+8)

Everton (-5)

Leicester City (+5)

10. Newcastle United (+6)

Crystal Palace (+1)

Bournemouth (-5)

West Ham United (-4)

Watford (+5)

Brighton & Hove Albion (+5)

Huddersfield Town (+2)

Southampton (-6)

18. Swansea City (-5)

19. Stoke City (-9)

20.West Bromwich Albion (-3)

Based on our Predictions

1. Manchester City

2. Tottenham

3. Everton

4. Manchester United





West Ham

10. Stoke City


Crystal Palace

Swansea City

Leicester City



West Brom

18. Huddersfield

19. Watford

20. Brighton

We were actually pretty good at predicting the top of the Table. Not so good at predicting the relegation spots.

What we were right about:

  • Manchester City - They just steamrolled the Premier League this year.

  • We actually picked 5 of the 6 teams that went to the Champions League and Europa League.

  • We knew Chelsea weren't going to repeat and we knew Leicester City weren't getting back into the top 6.

What we were wrong about:

  • Everton - I thought Wayne Rooney would put Everton over the top. Instead Everton had a disastrous start that had them flirting with relegation at the beginning of the year. Wayne Rooney finished the year tied for 16th with 10 goals, but had more Yellow Cards (5) than Assists (2). Before the year ended DC United in MLS had announced they had signed Rooney.

  • Burnley - Scrappy Burnley earned a spot in the Europa League second qualifying round. I thought they'd be fighting the relegation battle this year.

  • Huddersfield and Brighton and Hove Albion - I really thought they were just happy to be in the Premier League. Both secured spots for the 2018-2019 Premier League season with about a week left to play.

Editor's Note - Lewis Dunk did not set THAT unspoken record.

We also predicted that Sunderland and Wigan would be 2 of the 3 teams returning to the Premiership next year. We were so, so wrong. Sunderland came in dead last and are being relegated AGAIN. And for some reason we missed Wigan being demoted to League One last season. So Wigan did come in first, just not in the Championship.

Now it's time to talk about World Cup 2018.....

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