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Humor is Not Funny -or- A Kandy Kernal Korn Treat

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

I got hooked by, yet again.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

So I was trying to find the box score of last nights Raptors/Cavs game and came across this article:

Wow. How can I NOT read that article? For those outside of the Cleveland area, the Sun Newspapers are a small set of suburban newspapers that are printed once a week under the Cleveland Plain Dealer banner.

I guess what happened is that the Sun Newspapers published an online survey earlier this week asking "what are your Halloween Traditions?" And some smart apple responded "We always have a spooky ghost party. Everyone comes dressed as Casper and we get a pail of Kandy Kernal Korn. We light a huge bonfire and hang a pinata from the big tree and beat the heck out of it."

An asleep-at-the-wheel-editor saw the response and printed it in today's Sun. I assume there were numerous complaints and Chris Quinn was dispatched to quickly write an apology article at sister company

Now frequent BOS nemesis took responsibility for their error and opened up their article for comments. I wrote my comment....

And I was banned yet again.

Again, no swear words. No slander. Only humor.

And again, outside of community standards.

So instead of going on a diatribe about free speech, I sent the link to the Drudge Report, hoping to put a national spotlight on's error.... Time check: 9:25


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