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Should I Believe Urban Meyer?

Last week Urban Meyer retired and I believe his health issues will keep him from coaching at the Division I level again.

Now I think one day he could (maybe) be an NFL quarterbacks coach, or maybe a coach at Youngstown State, but the days of him being "the Man" at a football factory are over.

The beat writer at, Doug Lesmerises, did an excellent job of covering Meyer at Ohio State and he thinks that Meyer is done coaching, period. I respect Lesmerises, so he's probably right and I'm probably wrong.

The shocking thing, to me, is the virulent Anti-Meyer Sentiment out there.

CBS Sports writer Will Brinson got in a twitter war with Urban Meyer's wife, because he thought Meyer was over-stating his brain cyst issues.

Then Jim Rome said not to believe anything Meyer said because his lips were moving. Look for "Urb" at a place like USC in 2020, according to Rome.

So I decided to google 2 Statements:

Urban Meyer will never coach again

Here's some people who agree with Lesmerises

It was hard to find anyone who believed Meyer. I found a ton of redundant articles from Russo Dahlberg. (While the other 2 have obvious Ohio State ties.)

Then I googled-

Urban Meyer will coach again.

What do the "people" say?

Unofficial pollster David Hookstead

What are the betting odds?

Rough interpretation, that means he's a 1-3 favorite to coach again. Meaning the Wise Guys know what the score is......


The Vegas Angle on Urban Meyer was supposed to end the article. Then when I went back to ESPN to research a reference, I noticed something....

About a year ago, I wrote an article about ESPN moving an agenda and not reporting on sports. I wasn't the only one talking about it.

Kevin Merida, Senior Vice President at ESPN assured us that they were not a political organization.

Yet here we are a year later and here are some headlines on "non-political" ESPN:

Racist tweets? Apparently 16 year old White Patrick Ricard used the N-word. The Ravens player did that 7 years ago.

Homophobic tweets? Apparently 14 year old Black Kyler Murray used the F-word. The OU player did that 6 years ago.

Racist chants? A fan used the N-word in the stands of a Premier League Game. ESPN barely covers Premier League action at all, but suddenly finds a reason to cover Manchester City's first loss of the season.

And, finally, (my favorite) LeBron James - MORE THAN AN ATHLETE.....

I don't know, it seems like ESPN is back to moving an agenda again. Reporting on the twitter habits of teenagers seemingly smacks of desperation to move the Politically Correct Needle.

ESPN doesn't care whether it's the wrong thing or right thing to do, but, as with all corporations, ESPN is worried about their bottom line. On the same day I took the ESPN screenshot came this article from rival media conglomerate Penske: ESPN Executive Admits Drift Into Politics Hurt The Network, Was Miscalculation

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