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Scott Ian: Rebel Fighter

Everyone has a doppelganger and apparently Scott Ian is no different.

Tried to share this photo to the Anthrax Facebook Page, but you can't contact the band that way.

Oh well, here's a short Photo Essay:

Scott Ian looking sullen talking about the dark days of Antrhax.

Muslim Cheberloevsky

(wait is that really his name? ...let me verify....yep)

is the leader of the Sheikh Mansur battalion.

A Chechen battalion which Russia claims is illegally in Ukraine.

(that's rich, Russia claiming there's foreign troops illegally in Ukraine)

Again, Scott Ian...

Muslim Cheberloevsky...

Scott Ian...

Muslim Cheberloevsky...

Scott Ian may want to bring along extra security when touring Eastern Europe next summer.

Or maybe I'll yell at Cheberloevsky, "hey, sing Metal Thrashing Mad."

(To that he should scream back at me "нет, это был Нил Турбин.")

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