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Miscellaneous (April 2019)

Editor's Note: For the last week, the author has been struggling with acute rib pain. No, it's not a heart attack (wrong location), and it feasibly could be mysterious broken ribs (which has happened twice before), but the point is, is that he cannot focus. So you get this hodge-podge of random thoughts.

The gentleman above is Mike Scheidt. He's the lead singer/visionary behind the band Yob. A few years back, he nearly died of Acute Diverticulitis. Then he came back and recorded this beautiful stripped down version of an already great song called Marrow. I cannot decide if its beauty makes me want to smile or weep.


With immigration issues in the news nearly every single day, I just have to say that I've read this meme over a hundred times, and I laugh every single time I see it.


You know what? When your favorite team (Cleveland Browns) isn't terrible, the NFL Draft kind of sucks.

I'm glad that the New York Giants and the Arizona Cardinals are the teams that the sportswriters are mocking at the end of the 2019 Draft instead of the Browns.

New York Giants Draft Pick Shot - One Day After Draft


Instead of dinner with the family at Fiesta Jalapenos, I had carry out last night. If you're ever in North Ridgeville, you should try Fiesta Jalapenos. This is what I would have ordered if I wasn't on the couch stretching, medicated, and using a heating pad.


Here's what's really on my mind. I've been working on an article that's really bogged me down. Lots of time to research it, and lots of time trudging through the mud (figuratively). I, again, have something to say, but am apprehensive on how to say it.

It shouldn't be that way.....

Maybe I'll get the long post up and edited by Wednesday.


I also love this version of Pallbearer's Devoid of Redemption, but for a totally different reason. Brett Campbell sang until his vocal cords were fried. Then he sang some more.

Don't listen to its beauty, listen to its heart.


As I went to bed last night, the kids were watching Family Guy. It was funny that at the end of the episode, Thunder Island was everywhere, on Garbage Island, in Lois' Car, playing on the Muzak System. In real life, Thunder Island was a Top 10 Single in the fall of 1977. I recall a pre-teen Fred really enjoying the song.

Sometimes I wish that instead of plucking hits from obscurity, that Seth MacFarlane would pluck great songs that were never hits from obscurity. But then I guess your kids can't make fun of you for liking a song when the episode is over....

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