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Kentucky Derby Quiz

Everyone is missing the point of Saturday's disqualification of Maximum Security in the Kentucky Derby. Let's keep this simple.

What is this?

Yep. A horse.

How can a horse consciously obstruct the lanes of other horses?

Ah, ah, ah, don't give me this shit about how smart horses are. The answer is THEY CAN'T.

If Maximum Security blocks the lanes of other horses drifting outward, then another horse should have taken the inside lane. Horses aren't people, however much you love horses. They aren't thinking about race strategy.

This whole Kentucky Derby controversy is a sham. I don't care if you say Maximum Security should have come in first, second, or seventeenth. The horse is running in a race controlled by humans with human rules. The horse gets no prize money. The best horses get the best mares, but the horses don't know that's how the system works, or else they'd probably run faster.

Horse racing is NOT a sport. It is a reason to gamble, not unlike a game of dice. How 'bout some real horse racing? Take the jockey out of the equation and just let the horses run. Train the horses to run to apples or something. Let's see how much horses run without someone beating them with a whip. Hell, dog racing is closer to a sport than horse racing. Don't tell me how bad those dogs are treated, I already know.

“I think this is the most egregious disqualification in the history of horse racing, and not just because it’s our horse,” - Co-owner Gary West


You can be upset, because you probably did get screwed, but just not in the way you think. You got screwed because you own a horse and you think that horse racing is a sport.

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