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Bounty on Logan Ryan

"The NFL Players Association said Monday it has contacted NFL security after Tennessee Titans cornerback Logan Ryan complained on Twitter about a fan spraying beer on him at FirstEnergy Stadium on Sunday." -ESPN

Yeah, I watched the video. Logan Ryan jumped into the stands AT BROWNS STADIUM to celebrate a Tennessee Titans touchdown. A Browns fan spritzed Ryan with beer, and then Ryan ran to the sidelines, picked up his phone, and cried on Twitter about Browns fans being mean to him.

Listen you little punk. You know what would have happened to you back in the 80's? IF you jumped into the stands then, the fans would have started to beat you and debris would have rained down upon you like a monsoon. Go back to New Jersey and take your $10 million a year contract and move out to the suburbs. Make sure your pinky is up while you sip your tea . You can start your own Blog and complain about the Neanderthals in Cleveland. You'd rather sit out on the Jersey Coastline and watch Cricket and play Backgammon anyhow, right? Back in the 70's you'd get a bounty placed on you and you wouldn't know if the other team would hit you high or hit you low if you insulted them by celebrating in THEIR stands.

If Logan was so upset, he could have easily fought the fan. The fan had no equipment on, Ryan would have easily won that fight.

What you can't place bounties on anyone anymore? The NFL only wants your money and wants you to sit on your hands while you watch the game?

The only activity that the NFL condones today is gambling?

But the whole NFL is based on violence.

They are selling violence.....

It's 2019 and it is obvious that we can't go any further without getting into MAJOR trouble.

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