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A Night with the Tropical Fuck Storm

I started the night searching YouTube for something very simple. Good, new, original music.

Then I came across something from Australia that's described as Punk-Blues. Well, they checked all the boxes.

You should do yourself a favor and give them a chance, too.

The Happiest Guy in the World


Rubber Bullies


3 songs in, not a bad one in the bunch. But I'm not really in a writing mood tonight. Something deep, deep down is gnawing at me. It's all about the definition of success or failure. Let's take Tropical Fuck Storm for instance. That song Rubber Bullies was awesome. But just because they created something great and original, where does it get them? Can they make a living as musicians long-term?

Music that sucks gets marketed a lot better than TFS.....

You Let My Tyres Down

Planet of the Straw Men


I don't know what's wrong. I'll figure it out. Quietly. In the dark. Maybe I'll listen to some more Tropical Fuck Storm. No more writing tonight.

2018's A Laughing Death in Meatspace Album

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