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Zany Songz

This is a sequel to 2018's article Nutty Novelties.

K-Tel Presents Zany Songz:

1. Snacktacular by Bolonium (2019)

Snacktacular is what happens if you bred Weird Al and Devo.

2. Hailing Taquitos by Parry Gripp (2019)

How did Gripp come up with Hailing Taquitos? It's a sequel to Raining Tacos!

3. Rub Some Bacon on It by Rhett & Link (2012)

There are some valid life lesson entailed in the lyrical content.

4. Gordita Crunch by MC Chris (2018)

Why in the hell am I so hungry all of a sudden?

5. Old Amish Road by Sloppy Secondz Music (2019)

Lots and lots of excrement references.

6. Rhinestone Cowboy by David Hasselhoff (2019)

This album charted in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.


7. Punks in the Beerlight by Jeffrey Lewis & Julie (2019)

The strange cover of The Silver Jews by Jeffery Lewis seems to work.

8. Pico & Sepulveda by Osaka Popstar (2018)

They re-made the song, maybe it's time for a big budget re-make of the Forbidden Zone.

9. Boyz by Schaffer the Darklord (2014)

Straddling the thin line between Novelty and Nerdcore.

10. Get Schwifty by Rick & Morty (2015)

I'm Mr. Bulldog is good improv.

11. Gov. Christie Traffic Jam by Bruce Springsteen & Jimmy Fallon (2014)

Jimmy Fallon really doesn't get enough credit for his musical skills.

12. That's When You Break by the SNL Players (2015)

From the 40th Anniversary of the SNL Special

13. The Hamilton Polka by Weird Al Yankovic (2018)

Is the Hamilton Polka much different than 1984's Polkas on 45?

No comment.

14. Pregnant Women are Smug by Garfunkel and Oates (2012)

Everyone knows it, no one says it....

15. Erotic Suburb by Uncle Vic (1990)


Adult Only Bonus Track:

Job Quitting Song by Anesti Danelis (2019)

Ted Koly will probably sing this song to me when he leaves Beacon of Speech.

Note: Numbers are track listings, not ratings. Remember, it's an imaginary compilation on vinyl.

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