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The Story Lo'Ree Val-Lowery

April 2018: Lo'Ree’s ex-husband, Amiri Mohammed, dies. Death is ruled due to a heart attack. Amiri's body is cremated.

February/March 2019: Lo'Ree vanishes for 58 days, abandoning both her current husband, LeCharles, and her kids. LeCharles "had no idea where she went," one of his sons told a local news affiliate.

July 2019: LeCharles arrives at Lo'Ree's new home to pick up their son. Home at the time were Lo'Ree, her two children, and Lo'Ree brother, Rayvonn. An altercation occurs and Rayvonn shoots LeCharles twice in the chest, killing him. Rayvonn claims self-defense, but he is charged with manslaughter. He posts bail awaiting trial.

September 2019: Phone records indicate Lo'Ree and her brother Rayvonn took a trip to Yellowstone National Park with Lo'Ree's two children. Two photos, one from Lo'Ree's iCloud account and one from the National Park Service entrance, both show her children in Yellowstone.

October 2019: Dre DaeBell's wife Tamii is found dead in her home at age of 49, according to a Police Department news release. The death is ruled due to natural causes. Tamii had seemed healthy when her father, Rondell, saw her two weeks earlier. He said a grief-stricken Dre called him after Tamii died, saying she had gone to bed the night before with a terrible cough and never woke up.

November 2019: Dre and Lo'Ree are married.

Thanksgiving 2019: Police go to Lo'Ree's and Dre's residence to conduct a welfare check on Lo'Ree's youngest child at the request of his grandmother. Lo'Ree tells police that the children are in Arizona with relatives. Police refuse to leave the residence until they contact the relatives in question. The relatives say they have not seen the children. Police immediately arrest Lo'Ree and Dre.

December 2019: Police find evidence Rayvonn is in the last known photo of Lo'Ree's children. He is arrested for the disappearances of the children, no bail is set due to the manslaughter charges stemming from the incident in July. Rayvonn commits suicide in prison.

January 2020: Dre flips and calls Lo'Ree 'crazy.' He don't "know nothin' 'bout no children." Before Dre can be released from jail, he is charged with obstruction of justice.

March 2020: Lo'Ree is awaiting trial on multiple murder charges.

Now go ahead and tell me the differences between the real-life Lori Vallow

and the fictional Lo'Ree Val-Lowery.

Timeline altered based on a story in the Boise Post Register.


By the way, when all of this shakes out Lori Vallow will clarify that when she said that her kids were "safe," she meant safe in heaven, not on Earth.

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