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Editor's Note: We are a Libertarian-leaning website. All 3 of us believe that Nancy Pelosi is horrible. Fred believes that Donald Trump is also horrible. Ted & Joe, to their detriment, kind of like Donald Trump.

Nancy Pelosi turned 80 today. Some news websites congratulated her on her milestone, some others ignored it completely. You want examples? Okay 2 short ones from earlier in the day.

Bootlicker Chris Cillizza: "Nancy Pelosi turns 80 today. And as she marks the occasion, she does so as the single most powerful female member of Congress in American history."

FoxNews' Brit Hume: "(Nancy Pelosi) keeps getting into sentences you wonder if she can ever get out of. She finishes most of them somehow, but they’re not always coherent." There are no mentions of Pelosi's Birthday anywhere that I can find on FoxNews.

Even though I'm not a fan of Pelosi's, I felt bad for her and worried about her health. In my mind, Pelosi was between 55 and 60 years old. Why did I think that? I don't know, but I kept thinking to myself that she ain't livin' to 65 with her shrill attitude. She looked like politics had aged her and I thought her face looked around 75. You know, which is bad if you're 55.

But then, again, I found out that she turned 80. I had a complete 180 in thinking. "You know what? She looks good for 80 and for an 80 year old, she's fairly coherent."

See, everything is about perspective. Maybe it's the full mane of brown hair that was throwing me off.


You thought I had more to say? Apparently I don't.

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