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A Cold War Shitstorm

I have a new favorite writer. Over at Pravda in Russia, there's a journalist named Alexander Shtorm. (I originally though his name was Shitstorm.) He rolled out of bed this weekend and wrote "Who Wants to Burn in Nuclear Hell for Ukraine?"

First, I'm going to reply to his question. The answer is no one. If push came to shove, no country is going to stand up for Ukraine if Russia flat out invades. But here's the problem, if Russia rolled into Ukraine, those Ukrainian Sons-of-Bitches are going to extract a pound of Russian Flesh and Putin would have increased his chances of being assassinated by a fed-up Ukrainian Nationalist by about a hundred-fold.

Now if World War III broke out on multiple fronts, I believe other European countries would fight with Ukraine against Russia.

Now what Shtorm doesn't tell you is that one of the multitudes of reasons that Ukraine doesn't want to be part of Russia anymore is because Russia already nuked the Ukraine once in the modern era. The Chernobyl Disaster was in 1986, only 5 short years before the disintegration of the Soviet Union. For many in Ukraine (and Belarus), the Chernobyl Power Plant spreading radiation across the countryside was yet another reason to distrust Moscow.

But what I liked about Shtorm's writing was his jingoism. He has about 4 dozen articles in the Pravda archives and about half of those are about war. When I read stories at CNN, the authors come across as a bunch of whiny wokists. And on the other side of the coin, the FoxNews team comes across of as a bunch of reactionary weenies.

You want a writer with balls? Alexander Shtorm.

You want a writer who'll literally fight for his beliefs? Alexander Shtrom.

You want a writer who thinks it's still 1986 and Cowboy Ronnie is in charge of America? Alexander Shtorm.

I don't like his angle, but I like his balls. Again, our take is that Russia and Ukraine are brothers that absolutely, positively cannot get along. But my question is who writes with Shtrom's confidence in America?


Editor's Note: 1 day later.

For the gazillionth time, I am not a fan of Donald Trump, but if you want an example of an American journalist writing with no balls, here's an example from Chris Cillizza: Mocking the Big Lie

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