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A Powerball Story

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Let's say I was the laziest reporter ever.

If I saw the Powerball was up to a Billion Dollars. I'd put my feet up on the desk and make up a paragraph of fiction.

"I went to the local gas station and met with a few denizens who felt like this was their lucky day.

Hey (random person,) what would you do if you won the Powerball?

Citizen 1: I'd would move off the grid.

Citizen 2: I'd like to buy an RV and travel with my wife.

Citizen 3: I've lived a good life, but I'd like an opportunity to spoil my grandchildren and put them through college.

Citizen 4: I'd quit my job.

Citizen 5: I'd like to help out a sick relative (insert sad story here.)"

Now if I actually went to the said lottery location, I would get a derivative version of most of those stories. So I would basically save myself the time and effort and take the morning off.

Because none of those people have a plan, they just think it would be nice to win. A Powerball Story is basically the reason ChatBot AI was invented. Everyone has a dream, 98% of players don't win anything, 99.99999999% of players don't win life-changing money.


Me? I have a plan.

I'm going to make Beacon of Speech work.

But every time I don't win, I feel like a loser. That was $2 I could have been putting toward making my dreams a reality.

The Powerball Dream is a lot like life though, isn't it? Very few winners, and those who win were lucky-

"Hey Commie Fred Hunt, the Powerball isn't like life at all. You work hard, you win. Look at LeBron James."


Listen, LeBron James was lucky too.

LeBron James worked hard and he's the "King" of Basketball. That made him a billionaire.

Franck Tayou worked hard and he's the "King" of Indoor Soccer. The average player in the MASL makes around $25,000 for a 6 month season.

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