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All Band is Gone

I was absolutely FLOORED to find this meme...


I am a Slipknot fan that believes that the band is still close to the top of their game. But now with the departure of Craig Jones, they are teetering towards more former members than current members.

The question now becomes: When should they quit?


Slipknot has soldiered on for 28 years, which is an amazing run for a 9-piece metal band.

But their first hit single, Wait and Bleed, was nearly a quarter century ago. Because Craig Jones was infamously silent, maybe he left of his own accord, maybe he was fired. He was replaced very quickly, which makes me believe it wasn't a rash decision and that the band had time to come up with a solid replacement.

We may never know the real reason for his departure. (Though I am pretty sure we'll find out from lawyers before the end of the year. Ex-Slipknot Members are notoriously litigious.)

I do not believe Craig Jones leaving should be a death knell for Slipknot, but using the hindsight of time, I would like to point out other examples of when a member of a band departing SHOULD have killed the band, but it didn't.

The Who: When Keith Moon died, it was a shock, but The Who still had lots of music left in them. When John Entwistle died, that well was mostly dry. Though the band had broken up and re-formed a number of times, Entwistle's death should have killed the band. Instead it brought Roger Daltrey and Pete Townsend closer together. Probably because they liked splitting Who money two ways instead of four.

Marilyn Manson: When Twiggy Ramirez was fired from the band Marilyn Manson in 2017, it was because he was a bad, bad boy. That should have ended the band, Ramirez was one of the only remaining remnants of the Spooky Kids' past. Why should that have ended the band? Because Marilyn Manson, the musician, was much worse.

LIVE: When LIVE broke up in 2009, that should have been it. They were a one album wonder

band. They reformed in 2012 without Ed Kowalczyk, then Kowalczk came back and...holy cow, due to my aversion to being sued, I am just going to end this section by simply saying LIVE should have ended, for good, when Kowalczk got rid of everyone in one fell swoop in 2022.

Mötley Crüe: Remember when Mötley Crüe went on their "Final Tour" and proved it by showing the press all their signatures written on parchment and signed in Satan's Blood? (Exaggeration.)

That should have been it. Instead the band came back and gave Mick Mars the boot. In response Mars called his former bandmates "felons" which is both the truest, and funniest, thing that Mick Mars may have ever said.

The Eagles: There should have never have even been a Hell Freezes Over Tour. The Eagles were mostly bereft of original material after their original breakup. But once Glenn Frey died someone really should have asked "what are we doing here?"

--While I was writing this, Slipknot released a surprise EP called Adderall. It was a bit too mellow for my taste.

But it made me question my own judgement for writing this article. I'm SURE that Slipknot's good for another 20 years....

Okay, good for about 5 more years. Mediocre legacy act for about 20-30 years past that.


The Hard Times: Underperforming Slipknot Member Sent Down to Mushroomhead For Conditioning

Now that was funny, too.

Damn is Mushroomhead a mess.

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