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AMERICA, INC. (But in all CAPS)

I have read, AT A MINIMUM, of 50 articles blasting Donald Trump for not conceding defeat in the 2020 Presidential Election. Every one of those articles cited Donald Trump as consciously trying to circumvent the Constitution. The problem with that analysis is that nearly all of the citations assumed that Donald Trump was educated enough in the checks and balances of the government provided by the Constitution. I don't believe he knew the ratifications of not conceding. Not one bit.

Donald Trump is not a politician, he is a businessman. He is beholden to no one and I simply don't think he's that familiar with the Constitution.

You are screaming, at the top of your lungs, that Donald Trump is an evil, fascist dictator.

No, he is not. He is ignorant of government processes.


See that fresh-faced chap above? That's Bill Meaney, CEO of Iron Mountain. I used to work at Iron Mountain and they were unabashed capitalists. It used to say that Iron Mountain existed to make "profit" right in their core values. They have since softened their verbiage...

Editor's Note: You are meandering already.

Thanks. Back in the Iron Mountain days, we had a good technical support system, I don't recall any issues. But one day, Bill Meaney communicated to the team of Mountaineers that it was a hard day in Iron Mountain Land because the company was forced to lay off their entire in-house support team and they were outsourcing support to Southeast Asia. It wasn't due to any service issues, it was strictly a cost cutting move to save money.

The problem was that Bill Meaney was speaking in the third person. He was the one who made, or at the very least, okayed the decision to cut American jobs, then talked about the Company being beholden to shareholders and other corporate gobbledygook.

If you were a Mountaineer, you had no recourse to confront Meaney on his blatant hypocrisy, saying it was sad we had to let people go, when HE WAS THE ONE WHO LET PEOPLE GO. The new support team was terrible. The logistics were terrible. The language barrier was palpable. His logic was that bad, cheap support was better than good support at the price the the company was paying.

Meaning that quality was irrelevant when the company saved money and drove stock prices.

Now let's say there was a revolt at Iron Mountain and the Board fired Bill Meaney. He would not leave in peace, like a downsized employee would be asked to do. He would sue everyone and everything, he would want 3 golden parachutes, and a post-employment position in the corporate hierarchy. There was a disconnect between the way the people I worked with thought, and the way Bill Meaney thought.

Now I'm just using Bill Meaney as an example because I don't like the way he does business. But the premise remains the same. Donald Trump cannot grasp being unelected. He is treating the process of Presidential Transition the same as a CEO who is being shoehorned out of a company.

Trump is suing everyone and everything, wants immunity from any perceived crimes, and he wants guarantees that he'll be able to keep his sweet post-presidential perks.

I'm warning you, every time America elects a CEO in the future, you're going to get the Trump exit strategy, not because Trump is specifically a jerk, but because that is the CEO mindset.

I believe that if you elected any CEO/Billionaire who is a "businessman and not a politician" president, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, or Mark Zuckerberg, for example, you would have the same exact transitional problems you are having today.

America is not a company. It is a country. People who loved Trump can ignore certain personality....uh what's a good word here? Deficiencies. People who loved Trump can ignore certain personality deficiencies because it only mattered if the stock market went up or if their 401 (k) was growing. Just like those people at Iron Mountain looked the other way every time Iron Mountain announced another round of layoffs because they kept their own jobs.


Let's be clear. I liked the way Barack Obama carried himself, but I did not like his policies. Right now, he is out on a book tour playing the race card.

Barack claims that Trump was elected because he made "Whites" feel like victims.

Oof. That would explain why poor whites voted for Trump. Just like in 2012, when "Blacks" voted for Obama in record numbers.

The above table is the percentage of people who voted for Obama versus Romney.

Obama should never, ever, ever play the race card. You know why? Because if 93% of whites voted for Romney in 2012, we would be talking about 2 term President Romney. So Obama's argument is that it wasn't fair that Trump played racial Obama played racial politics?

Politicians say anything to get elected and businessmen do anything to stay in power. What do they both have in common? The rich have a vested interest in playing racial politics so you hate your neighbor instead of the people who are really taking advantage of you.

The rich of all colors and creeds play the politics of division to divert from the common denominator of those in power: Majority of Lawmakers in the 116th Congress are Millionaires.

Addendum 11/27/20: Like the CEO that he is, Trump is looking for the best deal possible...

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