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Beacon of Speech vs Retired General Robert Abrams

Found this at the Daily Mail this morning:


Again, let's reset the premise as to the way the world works.

I am an unsuccessful blogger. I only know about world events that are sold to me on news websites, whether from sources in America or from overseas. The last I heard, "Rebel Leader" Prigozhin was on his way to St. Petersburg. Do I, for one second, believe the sourcing on that story? I do not. I think Prigozhin is regrouping his forces for a surprise raid on Kyiv from Belarus. My guesstimate is based off of research, reading between the lines, and intuition.

General Abrams, I assume, didn't retire into a bubble, I am sure he is still tied into his sources in the military. He should KNOW if Prigozhin is dead.

So either one of three things are going on:

  1. Abrams knows Prigozhin is dead and he is trying to goad Russia into admitting it. That will not work.

  2. Abrams thinks Prigozhin is in jail. His guess would literally be as good as mine. That is bad if he really doesn't know one way or the other.

  3. Prigozhin is alive and United States intelligence can't find him. That is also bad intelligence. Isn't that why the CIA, FBI, and Military Intelligence exist?

Now General Abrams doesn't have to tell me squat.

But I am going to put this article in a time capsule, because the way Western Media covers Russia is the same way they cover North Korea:

"Oh, surely ___blank____ is dead, we haven't seen them in a week."

If Abrams is just spouting off random thoughts, why is he on ABC News saying this?

"I doubt we'll ever see him again."

I will bet you money that I'll have a follow up column within 2 weeks with Prigozhin on the cover.

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