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Black Fred

I read that Maximum Rocknroll is going to "pause" publishing articles from White writers and only publish articles from Black writers.


We here at Beacon of Speech are at a loss. Even though we claim to be a team of 4, in reality, the blog is only one person. Fred. Ted contributed to, I believe, 3 early articles, and Joe K is more of a satellite in the BOS universe that a contributor. Putin is pure theatrics, he has contributed absolutely zero to the blog in real life. (Do we worry that he could, one day, deliver us some content in Novichok form? Maybe a little.)

But the point is, we have one writer and he is white. What do we do now?

And, to make things worse, Fred has often channeled other versions of Fred in his writing.

Old Fred, Young Fred, Female Fred and Hispanic Fred. Should we try writing a column using "Black Fred?"

Editor's Note: DO NOT DO THAT!

Would we like to give a platform to many, many multicultural voices? Sure. But there is no money at the present time to pay ANYONE.

<<double sigh>>

This is how free speech erodes.

Maybe I'll cart out Black Fred on another day....

But not today.

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