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Breakfast is Unimportant

During the coronavirus outbreak my wife continued to work at her job at the hospital. Invariably, after dropping her off, I would stop by McDonald's and grab a crappy breakfast because I am lazy and like to eat.

Why the self-loathing today? Because locally, McDonald's is the only breakfast game in town. Every Mom and Pop morning place in the area closed due to the pandemic. So, as of yesterday, these were my 5 breakfast options rated from 5 to 1 based on taste. When I say 5 options, I really mean only ONE.

#5 McDonald's

My favorite item at McDonald's for Breakfast is the Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Bagel Combo with a Coke. McDonald's currently has most of its breakfast menu available, except for bagels, so I either get the Breakfast Burrito Combo or the Sausage and Egg McMuffin Combo. So let me get this straight, there's a bagel shortage in America?

#4 Subway

My favorite item at Subway for Breakfast is the Steak and Egg Combo. Flatbread, Steak, Egg, Spinach, & Mayo. Mmm-mmm good. Why don't I eat it for breakfast then? Because of my kidney stones, I can't eat spinach and due to the pandemic, Subway doesn't open until 11 a.m.

About 4 hours late for my breakfast.

#3 Wendy's

My favorite item at Wendy's for Breakfast is the Classic Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Combo with a Coke. See that commercial above? I saw it and immediately tried the breakfast. The sandwich was good and the wedges were tasty. A week later I returned to have it a second time and the sign at the door said "Closed for Breakfast."

To my knowledge, Wendy's hasn't re-opened for breakfast in our area due to the pandemic.

#2 Taco Bell

A hundred years ago, I used to be employed at Taco Bell (okay, really, back in the 90's) and they tried doing breakfast and it was steaming piles of garbage. So last year, the good folks at Taco Bell tried again and this time they hit a home run. My favorite combination at Taco Bell for Breakfast is the Bacon Soft Taco, Mini Skillet Bowl, Cinnabon Delights, and a Pepsi.

The problem with Taco Bell is that there could be no one in the drive-thru and my $5 order takes 8 minutes. Oh, and the other problem is that I went there yesterday and Taco Bell still doesn't open until 9 a.m. due to the pandemic.

#1 Burger King Unfortunately, there's a Burger King a stone's throw away from my office work desk. My co-workers give me the business about always having Burger King on my desk. My favorite item at Burger King for Breakfast is the Egg-normous Burrito Combo with a Coke.

Burger King IS open for breakfast during the pandemic. What's the catch then? Two-fold. First of all, I'm working from home. Second, and more importantly, they have a reduced breakfast menu. How reduced? Instead of 8 or 12 breakfast combinations (depending on which local location), they have 1 breakfast combo, the Croissant Combo with a beverage.

That's it. So due to supply chain issues, America is also running low on...French Toast Sticks?

Which re-iterates why McDonald's is America's favorite. It may taste the worst, but they have the best and fastest means of getting food into your hands. So, unless you crave bagels, McDonald's is America's Best Breakfast option in a time of crisis. (By default.)

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