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Chris Quinn is a Modern Day Version of the Pseudologoi

Last week,'s chief propagandist, Chris Quinn, came out and warned America that Trump is Hitler. You know how I know Donald Trump isn't Hitler? Because Chris Quinn is alive. Hitler rounded up unsympathetic journalists and had them murdered or sent to concentration camps. That is not me speculating, that is history.

I don't know how so many on the left are blatantly reckless with their analogies. Trump is not an unknown quantity. He was President of the United States for 4 years. He has a very well documented track record of both action....AND TALK.

Adolf Hitler invaded countries. What countries did Trump invade and conquer in his 4 years?

Adolf Hitler killed millions of his perceived enemies. Millions of Jews. Millions of Minorities, including Gypsies and other "unpure" populations. Millions of Russians were killed when Hitter invaded the Soviet Union, millions of Allies were killed when Hitler invaded Western European Nations. Millions died within occupied nations in prison camps by Hitler's orders. Hitler was never voted out of office, then whined he should be voted back in at 80. Trump clumsily retreated in Syria, he has threatened to "defund the war in Ukraine," he has almost "unconditional" support for Israel.

If Hitler was alive during the existence of Israel, do you think he would invade and bomb that country, or do you think he'd be their ally?

Don't get me wrong, I am not a fan of Donald Trump's, and January 6th made the United States of America look like a banana republic, but I have been crystal clear about my feelings pertaining to him since the origin of the blog in 2016. Trump is about Trump and everything else is peripheral. We are third party stalwarts.

But remember, the January 6th riot was about the 500th riot in a year. After the death of George Floyd, cities like Portland and Minneapolis were nearly burned to the ground.

So let's use Chris Quinn as an example. The chances of him being executed by Donald Trump in a second term is actually LOWER than if Joe Biden was re-elected. How so? The 499 "Defund the Police" riots had a chilling effect on Police Departments across this great nation. Those riots had very real world consequences.

In 2023, Cleveland's Police Academy graduated 11 (ELEVEN!!!) cadets. The usual class is over a hundred and the department is already short staffed by about 350 by Quinn's own paper's estimate. That doesn't even count the cuts the city made in specialty units and equipment. I guarantee you that if you asked the President of the Policeman's Union, he would say that due to crime statistics, they would need 500 new officers and an infusion of cash to rise the tide of what ails the department.

Statistically, for Chris Quinn, the chances of being executed by a criminal in one of America's Most Dangerous Cities due to an underfunded police force is more probable than Donald Trump breaching the First Amendment and being able to execute journalists.

Donald Trump is bad for America in a bombastic and crass way, like Morton Downey Jr.

Joe Biden stood by as his party tried to dismantle the police.

For the average citizen, technically Joe Biden is the more dangerous presidential option. Mobs wanted the police dissolved and the Democrat Party endorsed those riots. America became a more dangerous place to live.

Daily Mail: Black-ish Sitcom Star says Trump would send Black People to camps, like Hitler.

Again, let's say Donald Trump hated Black People, don't you think he would have sent them to camps WHEN HE WAS THE PRESIDENT?

The clearest misinterpretation of logic reverts back to Chris Quinn. When he stated Trump is Hitler, he claimed that over 90% of the people who reached out to him agreed with his statement and 10% disagreed. If you look at polling data, you'll quickly notice that Quinn is figuratively preaching to his own Liberal Choir. Most sympathetic to Quinn? Left-leaning veterans. Which exposes the flaws in Quinn's argument at its core. According to veterans, Trump disrespects and undermines the Armed Services at every turn.

I am not arguing that Trump isn't disrespectful.

I'm saying that if you're stupid and think January 6th was an insurrection, let me ask you a simple question: How was Donald Trump going to regain power?

In a normal insurrection, you would cozy up to army generals, even skim millions from the state treasury to pay them off. Then generals would use their soldiers, guns, and tanks to re-install a head of state that was sympathetic to the army's cause. General after General in the United States of America described Donald Trump as "unfit to serve." No one in the armed service was going to circumvent the Constitution for Donald Trump.

Let me repeat: No one.

Chris Quinn thinks because Donald Trump wanted to be president again, he was going to float in on a cloud, supported by sympathetic Republicans and rioters who like to wear horned-hats.

Think. How was Trump going to get back into power? Realistically.

If you really think Trump is Hitler, 2020 proved that the Constitution protects us from dictators. Maybe you should ponder why your party nominated a comatose candidate so incoherent that half the country wants to re-install a "dictator?"

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