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Clarity on American Troops in Ukraine

You see that poor fellow standing in that trench? That's a Ukrainian soldier about 5 seconds before he was executed by Russian Soldiers.

Just a reminder, executing POW's is against the Geneva Convention.

But this is simply a stark reminder of the brutality of war. How many American Soldiers are on the ground in Ukraine? Zero. How many American Soldiers has Joe Biden asked for to be shipped to Ukraine? Zero. How many American Soldiers has Volodymyr Zelensky asked for? Zero.

You say you heard Marjorie Taylor Greene say that we weren't sending our sons and daughters to die in Ukraine? You did hear her say that.

But Zelensky didn't ask for troops, Greene lied. Zelensky asked for a shit-ton of money and equipment, but he only warned that if Ukraine didn't win, Americans would be fighting on the ground of a NATO country (like Poland.)

Why would MTG lie? Because that's what she does.

I am going out on a limb and say that NONE of Marjorie Taylor Greene's three children are going to die in the armed services, no matter what country she may imagine we're in:

They may die in Mexico on Spring Break.

They may die when China invades.

They may die on the streets of Georgia.

They certainly aren't dying in Ukraine, because there's no servicemen there.

Why don't I write about Marjorie Taylor Greene's absurd lies more often? She's like the female Alex Jones, I just assume that rational people ignore her.

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