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CNN's Daily Limit

Today anger and history are percolating across the United States.

  • Former President Donald Trump is Facing a Historic Hush Money Trial

  • The Supreme Court is Deliberating the Limits of Presidential Immunity

  • Unrest Continues to Spread Across College campuses

But beneath the headlines at CNN, was a story by their LGBT Reporter Allison Hope: Being Lesbian is no Longer a Personal Identity. It Encompasses Much More.

Now Ms. Hope isn't a reporter who's LGBT, she's an LGBT Reporter. Big difference. If you research her stories, they all have the same theme.

When people decry CNN as left-leaning, it's because they have a liberal slant on big stories and amplify left voices on small stories.

None of this is new. What are we doing here?

I must have read a dozen CNN stories throughout the day and was surprised when this message came up:

My daily limit of CNN articles? That's new. It's also humorous in a number of ways. So I went back to Ms. Hope's missive. That wasn't blocked, I could read it over and over and over.

But all the "hard" news stories were blocked.

If CNN thinks their business model is going to improve by blocking news and amplifying woke content, they are in really big trouble.

I wasn't familiar with Crackhead Barney, but they're a different type of LGBT character.

Apparently Performance Artist Crackhead Barney approached Alec Baldwin and yelled "why'd you kill that lady?" Repeatedly. Baldwin was annoyed and eventually appeared to strike Barney, even though he was clearly being antagonized. (Video under the photo.)

Now you're rolling your eyes, saying the Crackhead Barney story isn't real news.

Well neither is Hope's National Lesbian Week text.

I could read every story at the Daily Mail if I wanted to.

[I know better.]

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