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CNN's Relentless Far Left Propaganda Part II

Last year, CNN wrote their umpteenth opinion piece on the Transgender Bathroom Issue, like proper LGBTQ+ bathroom usage was the only thing keeping America from being a magical leftist Utopia. It was yet another example of CNN continuing to normalize far left talking points.

With a ferocious mid-term season coming to an end, CNN is again peddling the same far left narrative, but this time with the subject being the January 6th Riot.

Listen, I am going to say this again. The January 6th Riot was bad. Really bad. The author of the CNN Opinion knows that January 6th was bad too, he talked to the cops on the ground. What Michael Fanone fails to mention, as he's out peddling his book, is that after the first George Floyd Riot in Minneapolis, Portland, Oregon burned for 6 months straight.

Fanone whines that half of America is indifferent to an insurgency that took place less than two years ago. Americans need to go to the ballot box to save Democracy and vote Blue.

And that was one day after CNN echoed Joe Biden: We Can't Take Democracy for Granted Anymore

There were over 200 large scale riots between the years 2020 and 2022.

200+ by the Blue Team

1 by the Red Team

The Blue Team would scream in rebuttal: IT WAS AN INSURGENCY!!!

eh...not really.

By definition, an insurgency is what happened in Myanmar last year. The Trump Riot was nothing more than a Right Wing Riot. You say it was a Far Right Riot? Okay, just for argument, let's say that you're right. The original George Floyd Riot in Minneapolis was about Social Justice. Once Derek Chauvin was arrested, the riots should have quelled. Instead the "Defund the Police" Movement evolved from the very fringes of political debate to a real issue. By definition, defunding the police is a far left talking point. Again. there were over 200 protests that turned into Far Left Riots. (Including one right here in Cleveland, 45 minutes from my house.) All across America, an estimated 20 million participants showed up to create some level of damage to Police Departments, both literally and figuratively. How many of those were rioters and how many were simple protesters? Ah, ah, ah, depends on your point of view.

No matter how bad January 6th was, it was the first time in a long time there were large scale Right Wing Riots in America. That's why the right wing was so energized, their side was taking to the streets for a cause on a large scale (10,000 people by most estimates.)

Your argument is that Biden won fair and square and there shouldn't have been riots? I agree.

But in the years 2000 and 2016, the left beat the drum that Bush and Trump were illegitimate presidents. They beat that narrative right into the ground. The right is literally doing the same exact thing to Biden.

Last week, Nancy Pelosi said that Donald Trump should be punched in the face. Then a few days later, her husband was attacked by a hammer welding assailant and partisans screeched that right wing violence was out of control in this nation.

You cannot say violence is okay, but only for your team, which is now the left's method of operation. Every time CNN chirps about the January 6 "insurgency, " there should be 200 stories about holding far left wackos accountable for wanting to defund the police.

This is from earlier today at the Drudge report: 9 in 10 are Concerned About Politically Motivated Violence

Yeah, because the left won't condemn "righteous" violence and now the right is feelin' it. They want to riot too. The cause is almost irrelevant, because now they're willing to mix it up in the streets.

Until politicians on both sides of the aisle condemn all violence, we are going to keep having this problem. That's not going to happen in the near future, because right now it's not about America, but whose team wins.

And that goes for CNN, also. That's why you keep getting these democracy in danger articles, when the main issue for CNN is their team falling out of power.

While I type away in obscurity, articles similar to mine are percolating on the edges of the mainstream: Will Biden and the Dems Finally Get It? Their Far Left Record has Made the Far RIght More Electable.


Every time I write about riots, I post the same video by the Dead Kennedys:

The Dead Kennedys were artists, they had free speech.

Ted Kennedy was a politician that bought his way out of jail.

If you can't tell art from dirty, partisan politicians in today's landscape, I just can't help you.

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1 comentário

05 de nov. de 2022

I don't believe for a minute that "democracy is on the ballot." The GOP will have a tough road to hoe getting rid of inflation before the next election and if they don't, democrats will get another try. That is the beauty of what the Founders gave us.

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