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Courtney Love Lost Her Credibility

Today Courtney Love took a run at Dave Grohl and Trent Reznor.....

I'm not even going to add a link for the charges. I want to speak to Courtney Love directly.

There are 2 reasons why Kurt Cobain is dead.

Reason #1: Drugs

Reason #2: Courtney Love

I don't want to hear about Dave Grohl, Trent Reznor, Billy Corgan, Eric Erlandson, Marilyn Manson, Al Jourgensen, name any rock star from the 90's, I don't care what Courtney Love has to say about ANY of them.

On November 18, 1993, Kurt Cobain took the stage at the Sony Music Studios in New York for MTV. Instead of finishing the night with one of his hits, he finished with a rousing rendition of the obscure Lead Belly song "In the Pines."

Kurt's version, Where Did You Sleep Last Night, was filled with pain and anguish. His band didn't cause that pain, and Trent Reznor didn't cause that pain. Only 2 things can cause that level of pain: Drugs and Women.

The song's not called "Where Did Dave sleep last night?" Now your argument is that Kurt and Courtney performed the song the month before at a benefit concert? Yeah, that version sounds like Sid and Nancy doing a duet.

At best, Courtney Love was a junkie who couldn't help her junkie husband. At worst, well, I don't want to be sued by the litigious Courtney Love. Let's just say there were so many questions regarding Kurt's death that 2 documentaries were made about the subject. (Kurt and Courtney & Soaked in Bleach.) It was only 6 short months after the MTV performance that Kurt was dead.

At every turn, Courtney Love asked for privacy when mourning Kurt's death, then made inexplicable cash grabs like selling his personal journals. Dave Grohl's not the one running to the publishers. Courtney Love had her own band and her own acting career, she wasn't a talentless widow begging for money.

Every time Courtney Love gives her opinion, it's like when OJ takes to Twitter.

This is a real meme on Reddit:

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