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Curiosities in Grant Wahl's Death

Just a reminder: Grant Wahl was not covering soccer in Florida when he died, he was covering soccer in Qatar, the richest country in the Middle East.

Curiosity #1: Grant Wahl wore a rainbow t-shirt to cover soccer games in support of his gay brother. Being gay in Qatar carries a maximum 7 year prison sentence in a Qatari Civil Court. In a Sharia Court, homosexuality can be punished by death.

If Qatari officials didn't speak English (possible), they could have mistaken Wahl as gay.

Curiosity #2: Grant Wahl's Brother first accused Qatar of killing his brother, then retracted the accusations. Did Wahl's brother change his mind, or did the US Government pressure the family into retracting the statement on the same week Qatar and the US announced an arms agreement?

Curiosity #3: Say you get the flu today, how do you treat that flu? You go to the local drug store. Our local CVS is one mile away. Wahl complained of being sick on a podcast days before his death. I don't think Wahl would have had easy access to medications that would have treated any run-of-the-mill ailments he would have had. Part of me believes Wahl had an under treated ailment, part of me is thinking....Ricin.

Curiosity #4: Say I'm at work and I have a hear attack. Here's the view from my desk:

Every building in our district has an AED+

Say I go to the community rec center. It has an AED+

Say I go to the hospital. It has an AED+

Say I go to a local sporting event. By law, most stadiums have an AED+

So you're telling me that Lusail Iconic Stadium, which cost nearly a billion dollars to construct, and has a capacity of 80,000, doesn't have an AED+ for the World Cup?

Even if it's as simple as Wahl got the flu, was being hassled by Qatari authorities for his stance on homosexuality, became dehydrated (because of his illness,) then had a heart event. No AED+ is inexcusable for a World Cup Event. Qatar spent $300 billion on the World Cup and didn't stock their stadiums with $2,000 AED+'s?

I hope the Wahl family follows through and has an autopsy done.

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