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Dabo Swinney: Scumbag x 2

This week Nick Saban's daughter took her turn chirping at Ohio State in relation to the coronavirus. I'm not even going to take the time to learn her name, it just made me more angry at Dabo Swinney. Why? His arrogance disgusts me.

Clemson had one of the top men's soccer teams in America last year at 18-2-2. This year? 8-2-1. What happened to the rest of the season? Wiped out by the coronavirus. How did Clemson do in the soccer playoffs? MEN'S SOCCER PLAYOFFS POSTPONED TO SPRING.

Clemson had a decent women's soccer team last year 11-7-2. This year? 6-4. Over half the season was cancelled by the coronavirus. How did they do in the women's soccer playoffs? REDUCED WOMEN"S PLAYOFFS POSTPONED TO SPRING.

Clemson's Men's Cross Country team? 3 races in October, then the season and championship POSTPONED TO SPRING. Same with Clemson's Women's Cross Country team.

Clemson's Women's Volleyball team was 3-3 when the season was suspended. THE WOMEN'S VOLLEYBALL PLAYOFFS WERE ALSO POSTPONED TO SPRING....

So Dabo Swinney needs to crawl back under his rock and before he talks about any other team in college football, he should walk down the halls of his own university and see how Covid-19 is affecting other sports that are actually worried about their athletes and are not dictated by television contracts.

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