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Did Putin Really Poop His Pants?

I was scrolling through Google News and came across a story about Vladimir Putin:

Putin fell down the steps, bruised his coccyx, and pooped his pants.

That doesn't sound like a real story, that is surely some (funny) Western Propaganda.

Then I saw the same story at the Daily Mail.

Then at the New York Post.

Then at the News (Australia).

Then at Newsweek.


You get my drift. But Western Reporters aren't stalking Putin's private residence, almost all are citing Russian entity General SVR.

What's the General SVR? Uh, the SVR is basically the 2022 version of the KGB. There's no way they are leaking that to the Daily Mail. No way, no how.

And supposedly the General SVR reported this story at the Telegram Channel? What's the Telegram Channel? It appears to be the Russian version of twitter.

And I keep coming across tweets referencing the General SVR Telegram Channel, but none of them have links. It appears that the General SVR Telegram Channel is the equivalent of a Senior FBI Agent having an Official Twitter Page. (In 2021.)







Alright, here's the screen shot for you kids at home:

Uh, if a member of the SVR is leaking this out and 300,000+ Russians have read this story in a day, Putin has a very loose grip to power.

I read the post a half a dozen times, there is no way it can be real.

No way...

Whether it's real or not, the person behind the General SVR moniker is probably dying under mysterious circumstances this weekend.


I'm not a fan of Joe Biden, but could you imagine an employee of the U.S. Government posting this on his official Twitter page?

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