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Did You Vote for the President...And His Family?

Hunter Biden is 53 years old. I am 53 years old. I am sick and tired of seeing his ugly mug on TV.

I love my Dad, but when I want to see him, I drive to his house. I don't get picked up in my Dad's helicopter. At some point, you have to ask: What exactly is Hunter Biden's job? People didn't vote for a Joe-Jill-Hunter Triumvirate.

You're hissing that lots of family members have helped the president throughout history.

Eh, not really.

This isn't a partisan thing either, I hope to never see those punk-ass Trump Kids ever again. They are the definition of spoiled rich kids.

When I pulled the lever for Gary Johnson in 2016, did I know Mrs. Johnson? No. Did I know if Gary Johnson had kids? I did not. (For the record, he has a Domestic Partner and 2 Kids.)

Because Franklin D. Roosevelt was in a wheelchair, I recall the history books saying that his wife Eleanor helped out her husband. But I also remember that some partisans criticized Eleanor relentlessly.

You remember squeaky clean Jimmy Carter? His brother was scandalous because he liked to drink beer for breakfast. The first time in the modern era that I recall a "team presidency" was in 1996. That year, Bill Clinton touted a co-presidency with his wife. That didn't work out so well in 2016, did it?

How did we get to a point in this nation where the first family has become tentacles of the president?




I was going to go on a much longer rant, but then I realized that I said my piece on this particular topic. And just when I went to hit the Publish Button, I glanced at the trending news-

CNN: Devon Archer says Joe Biden Discussed Nothing Important with Hunter Biden

USA Today: Joe Biden Never Talked Business with his Son

AP News: Testimony from Hunter Biden Associate Provides New Insight

MSNBC: The GOP Keeps Trying to Sell Half A Hunter Biden Scandal

Apparently, the left wing media is selling us that because Joe Biden didn't talk business to Hunter, on the phone, while Devon Archer was in the room, to go ahead and vote for Joe Biden. Again.


You're all missing the point. I shouldn't know who Hunter Biden is. I shouldn't be able to recognize who he is. I shouldn't think of the stupid bathroom photo every time I hear his name mentioned!

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