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ESPN: Still Woke Idiots

2 hours before the NFL season started, I cracked open my laptop and went straight to ESPN.


Game 5 of the Connecticut Sun vs. Chicago Sky WNBA series?

Games on hold due to Queen's Death in the UK?

....World Cup Fans in Qatar can't drink alcohol?


Last year's WNBA Finals averaged 500,000 viewers.

You know what? Maybe I'm out of touch, maybe I'm the idiot.

Maybe the NFL isn't a big deal anymore?

Yeah, that's what I thought. Fox Sports has the coverage I THOUGHT ESPN WOULD HAVE.

Let's try another source:

USA Today Sports got it right. Let's try another: knows the score.

Let's try another source. The Daily Mail in England is probably still talking about Thomas Tuchel getting fired at Chelsea.

25.2 MILLION people watched the NFL kickoff in 2021.

50 times more people watched the NFL opener in 2021 than the final game of the WNBA Finals between the Chicago Sky and the Phoenix Mercury-

Wait, what? According to the magical internet, this years Sky/Sun game isn't even a finals game, it's the deciding semifinals game to see who will play the Las Vegas Aces in the Finals.

If ESPN doesn't cover the NFL, it will go out of business.

If the NFL isn't telecast on ESPN, the NFL will continue to grow.

It is that simple.

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