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Editor's Note: Lots of swearing contained within.

This evening I turned on Fantasia and noticed there's now a warning label on the movie at Disney+. G-rated Fantasia with tame cartooning and classical music.

You know what? If you complain about 1940's Fantasia, I'm not even bringing up free speech, you are simply a moron. An imbecile. A mental midget.

Just last week, the song Wet Ass Pussy was performed at the Grammys.

I don't like the song, but....

It's just this generation's Me So Horny

Which I do like.

As a matter of fact, I like extreme and offensive music.

I love GWAR.

You do know that Fantasia was named one of the top 45 films in History..... the VATICAN!

In 1995 when the Vatican made that list, John Paul II liked Fantasia, while I liked Suicidal Tendencies with lyrics like "I shot the Lennon, I shot the Pope."

Everyone is free in America to have different tastes.

You wanna sing about torture during the Spanish Inquisition? Have at it.

You wanna sing about all the people you're going to shoot today?

Good for you.

You wanna sing about raping your Grandma?

Make sure it's got a good beat.

You wanna sing about the dangers of losing your detachable Penis?

Somebody's gotta do it.

If you complained about Fantasia, I just want to slap you in the face because you are being stupid.

I want names from Disney. Who complained about Fantasia!

Oh, I found it on the magical internet. Lisa Wade.

I think there's a song that I can dedicate to Lisa.

Fantasia. With baby unicorns running through the fields and dancing ostriches.

I cannot stress this enough. In America, we have lost the concept of common sense.

"Well you wouldn't like it if there were racist caricatures of you!"

What the hell are you talking about? You know how many people in my life have said that I look like Butthead? (I have stated this in numerous BOS articles.)

The dopey white-American teen.

You don't see me crying about putting a warning label before Beavis and Butthead.

Oh I forgot, Beavis and Butthead did have a disclaimer. Not a disclaimer of harmful stereotypes contained within, but a disclaimer so you wouldn't sue MTV.

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