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Fearless Leader

"Mark my word, on November 5, all of a sudden the coronavirus will disappear."

- My Boss 7/29/20

I was so pissed off when our Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Director said that, I wrote it down and vowed to write an article about it. He is a die hard Trump supporter who believed all of the Conspiracy Theories about the coronavirus and the President. Guess what, dumbass?


The coronavirus wasn't a Fake News event. It is ALL TOO REAL.

Oh, and Joe Biden is not the head of a super-secret Pedophile Ring, either.

One day, when Beacon of Speech is successful, I won't feel so bad that I was right, and made no money being right, while being stupid didn't make the boss lose his $xx,xxx a year job.

Side Note: Headline at Cleveland Scene.


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