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Fist Fighting the Pope

Pope Suggests War in Ukraine was 'Perhaps in Some Way Provoked' - Daily Mail

We are going to lay out some facts to show that the Pope is not speaking for God, but is being political, something good popes aren't supposed to do. A Pope's Job is to interpret scripture and lead his large, and unwieldy, flock.

Russia's population is just north of 140 million. About a third of Russians follow the Russian Orthodox ideology. Catholics account for about .1% of all Russians.

Ukraine's population is around 40 million. Ukraine's largest religious denomination is Ukrainian Orthodox. Their second largest religion is Catholicism at around 10% of the population.

The Pope SHOULD side with Ukraine because Russia is clearly the aggressor.

The Pope SHOULD side with Ukraine because there are no Ukrainian troops invading Russia.

The Pope SHOULD side with Ukraine because he knows that there are no Real Nazis in Ukraine. If you know history, even just a tiny little bit, you'd know that no real Nazi would follow a Jewish leader into battle.

Even if you went by the lowest common denominator, basing who should win strictly by the number of followers in that country, the Pope SHOULD side with Ukraine because there's more Catholics there. Under NO metric should Pope Francis not outright condemn Putin straight to Hell.

Why would the pope even want to give the appearance of neutrality? His explanation of 'it's complicated' in Ukraine is absurd.

All Francis has to do is look at the leaders in Moscow that gave the orders that caused the Holodomor. You say that was a hundred years ago? How about the leaders in Moscow that tried to hide the Chernobyl Disaster in 1986? If I was Ukrainian, I wouldn't want to be associated with the murderous idiots in Moscow, either.

When Francis says "there are no metaphysical good guys and bad guys, in an abstract sense," (CBS News) what the pope is alluding to is the expansion of NATO. NATO's core philosophy is not attacking your neighbor. It exists to prevent big countries, like Russia, from attacking their smaller neighbors, like Lithuania. If the pope re-visits the Bible, the NATO charter is right in line with Commandment #9, YOU SHALT NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS AGAINST YOUR NEIGHBOR. Putin is LYING as to why he invaded Ukraine. If Ukraine wanted to be part of Russia again, they could have petitioned to do so. Don't forget, Ukraine has a long and glorious history separate from Russia. Technically Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union over most of the 20th century, not Russia. If Scotland left Great Britain, people wouldn't say Scotland was a new country without history, they'd all chirp about William Wallace.

If Putin's stated goal is recreating the Soviet Union, Belarus and the 'Stans may be up for that, but he would still have to invade another dozen countries. Is the pope all right with that? What you also learn in history class is that the other part of the equation for the reason that NATO exists has nothing to do with Russia, it's so countries like Germany don't slide Far Right (again) and attack their neighbors, (like Poland). Just 2 years ago, Greece and Turkey almost went to war over disputed territory and some would argue that the only thing that prevented an escalation in the conflict was the fact that both countries were in NATO.

In theory, if Italy went fascist (again), what's preventing them from gobbling up the Vatican and dissolving the leadership of the Catholic Church? You don't think that can't happen? During World War II, Pope Pius XII was suspiciously neutral. After his death, he was canonized as a saint for supposedly helping the allies on the down low. Then you find out that he was sainted despite the fact that he knew the Nazis were slaughtering Jews in Concentration Camps in 1942. In 2013, documents were unsealed that further accused Pius of being 'Hitler's Pope.' If you re-ask the question using today's standards: Why was the pope suspiciously neutral? Because he knew that if he condemned the Axis, an angry Italy might have made the Vatican not exist any more, a.k.a. SELF PRESERVATION. Right now, the Vatican is under NATO's umbrella, this pope is under no such threat. If Francis is unhappy with the current arrangement under NATO, he is more than welcome to move his leadership structure to a more neutral country outside of Russia and NATO's sphere of influence, somewhere like Argentina.

So not only is this pope weak on Theology, he's weak in History.

For the Conspiracy Theorists in the back. I have heard Francis called the Socialist Pope. If there are no good guys and no bad guys in the Russian Invasion, does that mean that Francis is tacitly endorsing the return of the Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics? That couldn't be the case, seeing the USSR actively waged a "war on religion" and was behind the assassination plot of John Paul II.

'Who would assassinate a pope? Mehmet Ali Ağca. Why'd he do it? He claimed he did it on the orders of a rogue Cardinal, the Soviet Union, or the Iranian Government, depending on what mood he was in. Meaning he probably didn't even know who paid him for the assassination attempt...

Now we're really going down the rabbit hole.


Kamala Harris says that 'Abortion is in line with Christianity.'

It's not, she is also being political. In her defense though, she is a politician and not the leader of the largest Christian denomination in the world. I just assume her theology is poor.

The Bible clearly states, THOU SHALT NOT KILL (#6). Very clearly. But here's the ruse, the state runs the country, not religion. For those who think religion should run the country, see Iran as to why that's a bad idea. You can be for abortion all you want, you just can't cite the Bible while doing it.

If Jesus was sitting here, right next to me, I am 100% sure he'd say 'don't have that abortion.'

And I'm 99.99% sure he'd say Russia absolutely shouldn't be attacking Ukraine.

If the Pope wants to fight me over Ukraine, I'll fight him right now.

[I'm pretty sure that's how the Great Schism happened.]

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