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Gavin Newsom Does More Crack Than His Homeless Constituents

According to the Daily Mail, "(Gov. Newsom) added that he had only been in office for 4 years and that was not sufficient time to make up for the fact that in 2005 we had a historic number of homeless under a Republican Administration."

Uhhhhh, what?

Let's specifically talk about the San Francisco Homeless Crisis, shall we? You can blame homelessness on an opioid epidemic, a mental health crisis, or even the high price of living. What you can't do is blame Republicans.

Like, at all.

Current San Francisco Board of Supervisors:

Connie Chan: Democrat

Catherine Stefani: Democrat

Aaron Peskin: Democrat

Joel Engardio: Democrat

Dean Preston: Democrat

Matt Dorsey: Democrat

Myrna Melgar: Democrat

Rafael Mandelman: Democrat

Hillary Ronan: Democrat

Shamann Walton: Democrat

Ahsha Safai: Democrat

Between 1997-2004, Gavin Newsom was on San Francisco's Board of Supervisors.

Okay, let's level up.

Current San Francisco Mayor:

London Breed: Democrat

Between 2004-2011, Gavin Newsom was the Mayor of San Francisco.

There hasn't been a Republican Mayor in San Francisco since 1964.

Okay, let's level up.

Current California Governor:

Gavin Newsom: Democrat

Between 2019-Today, Gavin Newsom is currently the Governor of Califormia.

Arnold Schwarzenegger hasn't been in office for over a decade. He was a Republican, but hardly Conservative. Arnold was described by the Washington Post as a "Radical Moderate."

Okay, let's level up.

Current U.S Representatives for San Francisco:

District 11 - Nancy Pelosi: Democrat

She won her district with an astonishing 84% of the vote.

District 15 - Kevin Mullin: Democrat

Okay, let's level up.

Current U.S. Senators for California:

Alex Padilla: Democrat

Dianne Feinstein: Democrat

Ms. Feinstein was on the San Francisco Board of Governors for a decade.

Ms. Feinstein was the Mayor of San Francisco for a decade.

As a matter of fact, in 1978, Ms. Feinstein was on the San Francisco Board of Governors when Democrat member Dan White assassinated fellow Democrat member Harvey Milk and Democrat Mayor George Moscone. You can look it up, since 1978 nearly every single member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors has been a Democrat.

Okay, let's level up.

Current Vice President of the United States

Kamala Harris: Democrat

Ms. Harris was the 27th District Attorney of San Francisco.

Current President of the United States

Joe Biden: Democrat

Joe Biden won San Francisco County with an astonishing 85% of the vote in 2020.

Homelessness is a complex problem.

I am not saying Blame Democrats. I am just saying that you can't say Blame Republicans.

So with ALL that being said, Newsom thinks this is the reason that there's homelessness in his former city?

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