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Great Decision for Turner Sports and Wayne Gretzky

I feel like that in most of my articles I'm bitchin' about something or another.

For the first time in a long time, I read a news story, that, when I was finished, I said "great. Makes perfect sense." Turner Sports bought the TV rights from NBC earlier this year and then today announced that the greatest player in NHL History was joining their newly formed broadcast team.

Wayne Gretzky, at 60, is at the perfect age to walk away from the front office side of hockey operations to help grow the game with his analysis. It's a win for Turner to have a Hall of Famer and Ambassador of the Game under their employ. It's a win for fans to have access to a fountain of hockey knowledge. And it's a win for Gretzky, who can do more for the game of hockey, at this point of his career, behind a microphone instead of behind a front office desk.

Great Hire - Daily Mail

Great Hire - ESPN

Great Hire - The Athletic

Great Hire - AP News

Great Hire - CBC

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