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How the Bidens Accelerated the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

You and I live in America. The way things work in America are not the way they work in Russia. They just aren't.

With that being said, Americans are protected from their government by the Constitution. And, in turn, the Constitution breaks the government into three branches to create a system of checks and balances. In Russia, there is no such system. In the year 2022, Vladimir Putin is the head of the Oligarchy in Russia and his country is filled with little oligarchs. Putin is also a shadow figure behind neighboring oligarchs in Belarus and Kazakhstan.

So imagine how peeved Putin had to be every time Ukraine would vote for democratic reforms. Every election that brought a candidate not under his control would infuriate him even more.

When Volodymyr Zelensky was elected the President of Ukraine in 2019, why didn't Putin invade immediately? Ah, good question.

For Putin, when Donald Trump was president, he was hard to read, he was about making deals. But more importantly, Trump didn't insult Putin. Trump was Trump, inexplicably nice to oligarchs or dictators, tough on allies. Remember when Donald Trump abruptly pulled out of Syria? He seemingly did it out of the blue and supposedly Russia stepped into that vacuum. That worked out in Putin's favor, but do I believe that's why America pulled out of Syria? No, I think Trump pulled out of Syria because there was nothing in it for America there.

There were reports that Trump was heavily tied to Putin, but if that was the case, wouldn't the time to invade Ukraine have been in 2019? When Trump would have turned a supposed blind eye?

An oligarchy doesn't run things much differently than the mob. If you want to say Trump tried to run America like a mob boss, well, when it came to Ukraine, it apparently worked. No matter your criticisms of Trump, despite a seething Putin, Russia didn't invade Ukraine during his administration. It was revealed earlier this week that Putin has been pissed at Ukraine since 2014. You have to ask yourself what made Putin wait 8 years?

You know who made millions in Ukraine with no apparent return on investment during those 8 years?

Hunter Biden.

Hunter BIden's shady dealing in Ukraine - Spectator

Hunter BIden's shady dealing in Ukraine - BBC

Hunter BIden's shady dealing in Ukraine - New York Post

Hunter BIden's shady dealing in Ukraine - New York Times

Hunter BIden's shady dealing in Ukraine - LA Times

Hunter BIden's shady dealing in Ukraine - WIKIPEDIA!!!!

I try really hard not to be lumped in with conspiratorial websites, so I'm going to make this short and sweet. Last year, Joe Biden called Putin a "killer." During the 2010's, Hunter Biden made millions in Ukraine doing a job that would traditionally go to an oligarch's relative.

If you think of Putin as a short-tempered mob boss, imagine Ukraine as a piece of valuable turf and Joe Biden as a rival leader. The invasion of Ukraine could be as simple as the American Mob Boss disrespecting the Russian Mob Boss. Because that's the prism that Putin sees the world through. Biden called Putin names and cut the Russians out of pay-to-play paydays in Ukraine. Then Putin sent his response to Biden this week, in tank form. To Putin, Ukraine is simply an additional asset in an oligarch's portfolio. All of that Ukraine/Russia History crap was a smokescreen.

The timing of the invasion was set to not distract from Xi's Olympics and to send America a message.

We are no longer living in post-Soviet times, but moving back into authoritarian times.

One day Putin will die and a new oligarch will step in. But, until then, the fledgling Democracy in Ukraine was squashed by the sloppiness of Biden's foreign policy. You think I'm being inflammatory? Listen, immediately after Biden was elected, the entire Russian Government resigned and Putin re-wrote the Russian Constitution himself. That should have been the first red flag that he had something sinister up his sleeve.

If you think I'm a Trumpie, you are barking up the wrong tree. As a libertarian-leaning website, we believe Ukraine has a right to exist and we believe Russia has a right to exist. But we, as a country, should not send troops to Ukraine. Our red line has to be NATO members. Here's the difference though between Beacon of Speech and the Bidens. When I die, my son will inherit a near worthless website and a disdain for government. When Joe Biden dies, he will go to his grave knowing his positions as vice president, and then president, made his son Hunter filthy rich through jobs with Ukrainian and Chinese nationals.


The Daily Mail on Feb. 5, 2022 - "The Russians will be able to overrun Kyiv in 2 days."


CNN on February 25, 2022 - "Biden's hands are....tied."

The Daily Mail on February 25, 2022 - Zelensky feels betrayed by the West.

As I type on my computer, Putin is doing real life mob boss things in Ukraine, especially Kyiv.

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