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I Finally Agree with Jamele Hill

Race-journalist Jamele Hill got into a little hot water for saying this yesterday: We would all be very naive if we didn’t say race and (Caitlin's Clark) sexuality played a role in her popularity."

Hill's problem with Clark? She thinks that the WNBA is awesome, but the face of the league should be a Black Lesbian.

Free speech advocate Fred Hunt hates the WNBA. Pro and college leagues I would watch before the WNBA?

  • MLB

  • College Softball

  • NHL

  • College Hockey

  • PWHL

  • NFL

  • College Football

  • Any European Soccer League

  • MLS

  • College Soccer

  • NWSL

  • Indoor Soccer

  • NBA

  • Premier Lacrosse League

  • World Cricket

  • Professional Rugby

  • Sevens Rugby

  • Ultimate Frisbee Association

  • Boxing


My problem with Clark? Nothing with Clark personally, I just don't like anything associated with the WNBA.

Now both Jamele Hill and Fred Hunt agree that they could do without Caitlin Clark.

I don't like basketball in general, specifically the WNBA's brand of basketball.

Hill doesn't like Clark's race. Or her sexuality. Or Iowa?

You say I'm an old sour puss? I can't argue with that, but nobody reads this blog.

Jamele Hill hates middle America. Sees racism everywhere, whether it's there or not. And thinks heterosexuality is over-represented.

Your question should be: Why does Hill still have a national platform?

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