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I See A Scam

So I saw this Inkblot Test at the Daily Mail:

I immediately said "it looks like the side view of 2 Juggalos standing back to back."

Then I read the article to see if I was right. Of course there was no "right" answer. Basically if you see something complex, you have mental issues, if you see something simple, you are normal.

Well? Is my answer simple or complex?

Then I re-read the article and it didn't read like science, it read like a promotion for a Tik Tok Page.

Then I questioned my mental acuity for trusting a social media influencer.


Every time I swear off, they do something so Journalistically Unsound that I have to rant about it.

In High School, during our one week lesson on Journalism, we learned that Advice Columns weren't Journalism, but Entertainment.

So a generation after Dear Abby and Ann Landers, now has FIVE advice columns:

Ask Annie: Terrible

Ask Amy: Terrible, in a more mature fashion.

Ask Yadi: Terrible, from a certain ethnic perspective.

Ask Lucas: What are we doing here?

Dear Abby: Isn't she DEAD? is shrinking in every single facet of their coverage of the region, but they're expanding the advice--

Do I really want to write about this?


You know what I DO want to write about?

I used to write there, they seemed like good people, and they always have interesting content.

What's my problem with them? I can't find them.

When I google Top 10 Lists, they don't come up, despite the fact that I visit the page often.

I follow TopTenz on Facebook. They don't come up on my feed despite me liking their page. If they post content every day, I used to freelance there, and I like and visit their page, why doesn't their content come up? Why is it that junk comes to my attention, but I have to search for what I want to see?

Mark Z would blather on about the complexities of the logarithm, but I think I see simple answer.

I don't think pays Google or Facebook to be found.

Google and Facebook Executives are howling and screeching-

No, I see THAT simple answer as plain as day.

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