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In Defense of Bam Margera Part II

Last month, we wrote about how unfair it was that Bam Margera couldn't drink during the production of Jackass 4.

Since then, Bam has finished a year of rehab, went back to rehab, was missing from rehab, and was ultimately found on the run from rehab.

Again, if Bam was my President or my Senator, I would be deathly worried, but since he's one of the Jackass crew, he's already about 10 years past his expiration date.

When Dennis Hopper died in 2010, the nation was shocked, but not me. I said that Hopper was a madman who was lucky to live past 30, let alone past retirement age. Today you could use my old statement about Hopper and cut out the name and paste in Margera.

So with that being said, these are the Top 10 Songs Dedicated to Bam Margera, who is still living life on the edge as he races beyond 40.

10. Drugs are Good

9. Nightrain

8. Doublewhiskeycokenoice

7. Intoxicated

5. Gin and Juice

4. 40 oz. on Repeat

3. Snake Eyes

2. Tik Tok

1. Rehab


Coincidentally, Johnny Knoxville was also in the news this week. What's he up to? He's on his way to divorce court. Why is he getting divorced? I am going to speculate.

Jackass 3 was released in 2010. Johnny Knoxville married his second wife in 2010.

Jackass 4 was released in 2022. Johnny Knoxville filed for divorce in 2022. Knoxville cited "irreconcilable differences."

What might those be? Let me guess.

Ms. Knoxville in 2010: "I hope you're not making any more of those stupid Jackass movies.

Johnny in 2010: "Honey, I'm 40, those movies are in the rear view mirror."

Johnny in 2021. "I'm making another Jackass movie."

Ms. Knoxville in 2021: "Yeah, we're done here..."

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