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In Defense of Zero Hedge

I only started using Zero Hedge in my news consumption regimen over the past few years, so I'm not really familiar with its history.

So while I was doing some other internet research, I had to reference Zero Hedge's history and went to Wikipedia. (I know, don't do that.)

The very first sentence at Wikipedia: "Zero Hedge is a blog-"

Whoa, stop right there. I don't read far-right news sources.

When I think of the Far Right, I think of InfoWars.

Alex Jones is terrible.

When I think of Right-Wing news sources, I think of FoxNews, Breitbart, Daily Mail UK, or WhatFinger.

Wikipedia says:

FoxNews: "Conservative"

Breitbart: "Far Right"

Daily Mail: "Right Wing"

WhatFinger: If you google WhatFinger Wikipedia, there is no entry, but the category of "Fake News" comes up.

I consider Zero Hedge as an edgier version of Reason. Not right or left, but libertarian-based. If someone called Beacon of Speech far right, I would be insulted. We aspire to be a less serious version of Reason.

What would I consider to be the Center? Drudge Report

Wikipedia says:

Drudge Report: "Conservative"

But also "shifting politically since 2019."

What would I consider the Left?

Network News channels


Wikipedia says:

What would I consider the Far-Left?

MSNBC, Huffington Post, and The Daily Beast

Wikipedia says:

Huffington Post: "Liberal Alternative"

The Daily Beast: No Political Leaning

... you know what? I'm done here.

This is just frustrating.

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