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Just a Lawyer Away from Success

In the year 2018, I entered to win a Pulitzer as a lark. It was an excuse to write about the Pulitzers from an inside perspective and I was curious about the process. I was also curious as to how far away my best writing effort was against winning entries.

The Best Case Scenario, I thought, "even if I am just a runner up, it would be quite a boost in exposure for Beacon of Speech."

Here was my submitted solo article: The Problem with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Part Dos)

The premise was that even though AOC and I were very different philosophically, maybe we could agree on one topic: The Maximum Wage.

After I lost, I studied who won and.....

Wait a minute, let me cut and paste my direct quote-

If you review the list of this year's Pulitzer winners, you will notice 3 themes.

  • Trump is Bad

  • Racism

  • Gun Violence

I never thought I'd revisit the 2018 Pultizers, but here we are. This today from The Hill:

"The board ultimately rejected Trump’s request to revoke the 2018 national reporting awards, which were given to the staffs of The New York Times and The Washington Post, saying the reviews concluded 'no passages or headlines, contentions or assertions in any of the winning submissions were discredited by facts that emerged subsequent to the conferral of the prizes.'

Trump’s suit, which was filed in an Okeechobee County, Fla., court and reported earlier by Fox News, alleges the board acted with actual malice in issuing the statement with the aim of damaging Trump’s reputation, asking for an unspecified amount of damages."

Literally a month ago, I wrote an over-the-top article that jokingly suggested that I was going to fight Joseph Pulitzer's Corpse. Other than mild complaining, I never even thought of SUING the Pulitzers.

Also on the same day Donald J. Trump sued the Pulitzers:

The above photo is an image from Trump's $99 NFT Trading Card Set.


You know why Beacon of Speech isn't a success? It's because we don't sue the right people and we don't run the right scams.


Addendum 2 Hours Later:

Your angle is that the New York Times and Washington Post lied about Trump and Russian Collusion? There were over 20 articles in that Winning Series. What percentage of it was lies?

How much of it was exaggerated? I tried to research for myself and found a lot of hearsay and scuttlebutt in the Post articles and pay wall after pay wall for the New York Times portion.

Then I realized that the Pulitzer Board, much like the Pro Football Hall of Fame, doesn't revoke prizes. Would making a run at the Pulitzer Board win me a Pulitzer Prize?

I don't have that chutzpah.

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