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Kill People / Break Stuff

An Army Exists to Kill People and Break Stuff.


Since the beginning of time.

Back in the early 1990's, people were forgetting what an Army was for. Rush Limbaugh reminded us: "What is the whole purpose of the armed forces? It is designed to kill people and break things."

I agreed then and I agree now, an Army should not be an agent of social change. These were the startling headlines in the Daily Mail today:

Every Officer is Up to Speed on Diversity Training, Not So Much on Ship Handling

U.S. Navy "Too Woke for War"

Report Identified a Number of Disturbing Trends in Navy Leadership and Training

Report Claimed Combat Readiness had Become a "Box-Checking" Exercise

Many Officers said Diversity Training Took Precedence over Warfighting.

Listen, I'm not some crazed dittohead memorizing old Limbaugh shows. As always, Rush told about half the story. Currently the U.S. Military is stationed in around 150 countries. That number should be around 8.

A standing army is a necessary evil. Today we are still the world's policemen.

You shrink the standing army and preach military fundamentals.

Kill People.

Break Stuff.

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