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Kyrie Irving Does Not Want to Play Basketball. Period.

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

I do not care what your world view is on the Covid Vaccine. Brooklyn Nets' Kyrie Irving is not a Vaccine Martyr. Irving says he won't play basketball if he has to get the Covid Vaccine? This is, what, like, the 8th time he has threatened not to play basketball?

If you're yelling at your computer screen "he shouldn't have to get the mandated Covid vaccine," I am simply countering that Kyrie Irving has lost the benefit of the doubt as for reasons to not play basketball.

There is a clear pattern of behavior from Irving's last year in Cleveland to today. What's been hard for me to do is strip the emotion out of this topic. If you asked me, at the age of 25, if I would sign a contract for $100,000,000 to play soccer, I wouldn't blink.

I wouldn't care what country I played soccer in.

I wouldn't care who my teammates were.

I wouldn't care where we played. I wouldn't care who the President/Ruler was.

I wouldn't care what company was sponsoring my team.

I wouldn't care how many vaccines I would have to take......

And if I had $100,000,000 in the bank and one of the criteria above really rubbed me the wrong way, I WOULD PLAY SOCCER SOMEWHERE ELSE. There's, what, 50 top level soccer leagues in the world? If Irving really hates the NBA and thinks their policies violate his rights, he can play in one of the dozens of basketball leagues in the old country or, in Australia, where he was born and where his Dad played basketball. Now would be the PERFECT time for Irving to go through with his threat to start his own league.

Or, from yet another angle, there's a department at my job where no one makes over $50,000 a year (except the head manager.) Most of the employees hate it there and call off of work at the drop of a hat. Despite having 3 months off a year, (like NBA players), for the past 5 years, at any given time, 5-10% of the department has been on leave of absence. Probably 20% of the department has threatened to quit if they have to get the Covid Vaccine.

Kyrie Irving doesn't treat the NBA like an employer that made him filthy rich, or made his sports dreams comes true, he treats the NBA just like any other shitty job that you can't wait to quit.

The difference between Kyrie vs you and me is that Kyrie has options. You or I may not have the capability to make mid-life career changes. You or I may have other medical issues. Kyrie is the head of the Kyrie Irving Incorporated Brand.

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