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Las Vegas Cavaliers

According to a report at Fake SportsCenter, LeBron James is looking to buy an NBA Franchise.

Uh, duh.

We have written about it ad nauseam.

LeBron wants to be a billionaire.

LeBron wants to be an owner.

LeBron wants to be his own brand.

But as a Cleveland Fan, I can already predict the future.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are currently worth: $1.65 Billion

LeBron will ask for a hometown discount (IRONY) and offer $1.5 Billion for the Cavs.

Dan Gilbert will counter that he has another offer on the table (LIE) for $2 Billion.

LeBron will go then go to the commissioner and say "screw Dan Gilbert," how much for an expansion team? Adam Silver will say $2.5 Billion.

Businessman LeBron will realize that $2 Billion is less than $2.5 Billion because he is smart,

LeBron will then bid $2 Billion for the Cavs.

The first words out of LeBron's mouth will be "we can't play in the 6th oldest arena in the NBA anymore."

The city of Cleveland will say "we literally just put $200 million in improvements 2 years ago."

LeBron will then move the Cavs to Las Vegas to play in their own palatial arena.

Dan Gilbert will buy the Red Wings for $1 Billion.

Cleveland will lament that LeBron left the city for a third time and took the figurative basketball with him.

You don't think any of that can happen? Let's put it in the vault and see. At one time, no one thought LeBron would leave Cleveland. At another time, no one thought LeBron would leave Cleveland a second time.

Here's an excerpt from our first story on LeBron at Beacon of Speech, when he was 32 years old, an age where most NBA'ers start to break down:

"Here's an interesting question, though. How does the James/Gilbert Partnership end?

  • Does LeBron go out the Kobe Way? Basically draining the life out of the franchise that shared in all of his highlights? As injuries accumulate in his fading years, the Cavaliers fortunes decline with James' health.

  • Does LeBron go out the Gretzky Way? Gilbert has LeBron traded to a sucker, like the Knicks or the Lakers, once he is too old to win anything. That seems unimaginable today, but Father Time is undefeated. (LeBron has a no-trade clause, you say? How's that working out for Carmello?)

  • Win/Win? LeBron retires at 34-ish, then promptly buys the team from Gilbert. If we were in the Jack Casino, I'd give this 20-1 odds. Why so slim? Deep in Gilbert AND James' hearts, they both want to win. In a marriage of convenience, how many divorces are win/win?" - BOS in 2017

How dated does some of those options sound now? Of course there's no way LeBron would take basketball away from Cleveland in the future...


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