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Musical Diary 3/8/21

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

"If you have a song in your heart, sing it."

No one represented the blue-collar town of Cleveland, Ohio better than the late Michael Stanley. No one. Rest in peace.

Cancel Culture in full effect or PR stunt? Doesn't matter, Eminem is still on top of his game on his new single Tone Def.

Last year I posted a short blurb about the Atlanta Rhythm Section. Since then, the link was removed. As a matter of fact, a lot of ARS live links have been disappearing. Why? Apparently they used confederate flag imagery. In the 1970's.

Since the Mars Volta broke up at the beginning of 2013, Omar Rodriquez Lopez has put out over 2 dozen solo albums. (Guess what? The Mars Volta may be back!)

I was on the Alternative Tentacles fan page and they said to check out KURT137! I did. Hopefully they're not singing about bad stuff in French.

I just read a Forbes review of WandaVision that lamented the anti-climactic ending and lack of "surprise" guests. In hindsight, WandaVision was of course a hit, but as Marvel's first streaming series for Disney+, they needed to generate buzz. There is always risk before the debut of any series or movie, however much of a slam dunk it is considered to be.

Every time I see Meghan Markle talk....

Let's just say I agree with Piers Morgan.

She is not part of the solution in this world, she's part of the problem.

Nomeansno is having some issues with their back catalog. Make sure you listen to The Hawk Killed the Punk, there is a very real possibility that it could disappear forever.

I keep catching myself singing this song.

#1 on the iTunes Heavy Metal chart? Today? Enter Sandman by Metallica. (Blech.) Scrolled down the list and saw lots of legacy acts like Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden. Where's the new metal? Way down the list was a band called The HU. Mongolian Metal? It's well worth your time to check it out.

One more song from MSB? How about the Cavs theme song?

Yes, Micheal Stanley wrote a theme song for the Cleveland Cavaliers long before LeBron even dribbled a basketball. That's how much he loved Cleveland.

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