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Neither Jann Wenner, Nor Yoko Ono, Represent the Spirit of Rock

Local writer Troy Smith lobbed some softballs at Jann Wenner and I should have stopped reading the interview after the third or fourth question.

But then I hit a quote that nearly made my brain implode.

Well, (Yoko Ono) is a great friend of mine and a great supporter of what I do...She represented the spirit of The Beatles - Jann Wenner via

Stop right there.

I am not speculating.

I am not reporting gossip.

I am not following up from a second hand source.

I watched the Get Back Documentary with my very own eyes. During those sessions, there were 4 geniuses (5 if you count Billy Preston)... know what else I saw? Lawyers, lackeys, and lay arounds. Yoko Ono was nothing more than a jealous, overprotective groupie that helped drive a wedge between the Beatles.

John, Paul, Ringo, and George together were the spirit of the Beatles. No one else.

Cleveland is the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and that place does not embody the spirit of Rock, it's a bright, shiny tomb for a once proud art form. A few months back Troy Smith wrote "Why Your Favorite Band Doesn't Belong in the Rock Hall." Wenner and Smith share a similar big tent Rock Hall theme. Not big tent, as in all types of rock music, but all types of mainstream rock, rap, pop. The Beacon of Speech big tent is rock, punk, metal, and extreme music.

I just want to sleep, but my brain wants to fight:

Jann Wenner - He built arguably the biggest Corporate Music Magazine in the world, then he betrayed the art form he once championed for $100 Million. (Maybe.) Any Rock on the cover of Rolling Stone today? Nope.

You say that's not a fair criticism, Wenner sold the franchise? Wenner's been de-emphasizing Rock since Britney covers.

Yoko Ono - I've said it before and I'll say it again. If you take your wife to work, and she doesn't work there, but she just sits by your desk all day, EVERYONE WILL HATE YOU!

Troy Smith - Smith and I simply have different world views. I'll calm down and read his next article tomorrow, I actually like some of his writing. His punishment is worse than anything I could dole out, he has to work for Chris Quinn.


Addendum: Annnnnd again. Rebuttal screened out at Facebook.

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